Our Angus Herd

TODAY: Producing consistancy! That is the current philosophy for using Angus genetics. We strive to utilize sires that produce a consistant set of bulls and heifers that have the weaning and yearling performance as well as improving carcass merit. We have both a commercial and a registered Angus herd. The goal is to produce fast growing, feed efficient cattle that will be profitable for any cattleman as well as keeping maternal traits and docility as vital selection criteria. In addition to having straight Angus, we also believe in crossing them with our Maine-Anjou and Simmental herds to increase cutability and bone size. Keeping the tenderness and marbling of the Angus is always a priority while we try to increase REA and muscle definition by crossing on Maines and Simmy cattle. We collect carcass data each year on all of our breeds and we are also very excited to see how the new Maine-Angus program will continue to grow our foundation of Angus bloodlines with the desirable Maine-Anjou traits. To better understand what the new Maine-Angus program entails, you can click on the linked article.

HISTORY: Buddy and Leo DeJong used Angus genetics from the very beginning of DeJong Ranch in 1948. They both believed in the strong heritage that Angus cattle had and that they offered a great value to the cattle production industry at large. All of the cattle that were on the ranch were registered Angus cattle but when the use of Artificial Insemination (AI) became available, the DeJong brothers wanted to utilize the technology and enhance their herd with the highest quality bulls that they could find. This proved to be beneficial to the herd but at the time, the rules for registering Angus cattle that were the product of AI just simply didn't allow for that to happen. Consequently, the DeJong brothers made the decision to raise unregistered Angus cattle. Some of the very first Angus genetics that were utilized include: Ballot of Baldrum, Canadian Colossal, Rito 149, Rito 72, Mr Angus, Poundmaker, Traveler, Independence, Shoshone, Rancher, Bold Ruler, Casey, and Krugerand.

Sires that have been used more recently include: Northern Improvement, Saugahatchee, Bushwacker, Sitz Alliance, 1407, Net Worth, TC Freedom, New Design 878, Brilliance, Final Product, Lookout, Priority, Eagle Eye, Resource, Insight, Download, Settler, Bruiser, Rocky, and Empire. We have also purchased some registered cows over the years from Rich Hutchinson in Nevada and Arlen and Becky Sawyer in Nebraska. In addition, we have kept back some of our own bulls raised to use as clean up bulls on our heifers. Of these calves, we continue to build a solid foundation of cows that are easy fleshing, maternal, and still raise calves that will be pounds heavy for weaning and yearling weights.