Productive Females

GVC Tessa 35X

AMAA #413631

  • 3/8 Maine 5/8 Angus
  • Polled

Sire: Duff Basic Instinct 6501

Dam: Miss Green Valley 579R (Black Smoker x Boulder)

Pedigree | EPDs

DJ Enhancer

All That Matters x GVC Tessa 35X

He sells in our production sale
February 22, 2018.

DE X164

AMAA #423560

  • ¾ Maine ¼ Angus
  • Polled
  • Mother of DJ On Point

Sire: DCC Hard Drive 138R

Dam: DE T19 (Ali x Angus)

Pedigree | EPDs

DJ On Point

Son of DE X164

GVC Kallie 64Y

AMAA #422737

  • 5/8 Maine 3/8 Angus
  • Polled

Sire: TLCC Turk S6103 ET

Dam: Miss Green Valley 687S (Nobleman x Forecast)

Pedigree | EPDs

DJ Kallie D62 ET

GVC Reprint x GVC Kallie 64Y

GVC Valerie 019Z

AMAA #428759

  • ½ Maine ½ Angus
  • Polled

Sire: Connealy Final Product

Dam: GVC Valerie 701T (Statesman x Wide Track)

Pedigree | EPDs

GVC Valerie 701T

Dam of GVC Valerie 019Z