Our Simmental Herd

TODAY: The current philosophy for using Simmental genetics is to utilize the multi-trait excellence that the breed already brings to the table and to enhance the growth potential of both Angus and Maine-Anjou genetics while producing cattle that make exceptional mothers that can produce progeny with both showring appeal and carcass value. We certainly have registered purebreds but mostly focus on registered Simmental Foundation cattle. Ultimately, we want to produce a genetic set of cattle using EPDs and other numbers as a tool while staying true to a phenotype that is of the highest standard for structural correctness, eye appeal, power, and dimension. We believe that capitalizing on the best attributes of Angus and Maine-Anjou has helped to produce a quality Simmental base of highly productive cows. We believe that Angus genetics bring a strong maternal value and heritage of profitability for commercial producers and that Maine-Anjou genetics bring an enhanced value through feed efficiency, eye appeal, and carcass quality. The Simmental strengths in our herd are that we have cows with longevity, strong maternal characteristics, and pass on the growth and performance to aid in the profitability of their offspring.

HISTORY: Buddy and Leo DeJong first made the decision to use Simmental genetics on their registered Angus herd of cows to increase carcass size while staying true to maternal ability. In 1971, DeJong Ranch included Simmental genetics by using Signal. This decision resulted in having the 1973 and 1974 Grand Champion Pen of 3 steers at the International in Chicago, Illinois. We continued to the use of Simmental sires through artificial insemination on our Angus and Maine-Anjou cattle as well as breeding up to higher percentage Simmental cattle. Historically, we found that by using a Simmental influence on our cattle, we were able to increase carcass quantity while still maintaining qualitative traits, maternal power, and growth with efficiency.

The very first Simmental cow that we registered was born in the Spring of 1972; she was a Signal out of an Angus cow and her registration number is 74132. The breeding sires that make up our Simmental herds are Signal, Mr. Clean, Red Ball Express, Black Max, Black Hawk, Black Powder, Meyer 734, Cutting Edge, Buck, and Mr. Dunk. Some of our bulls that we have raised that have gone on and sold semen across the country include: DJ Elisha who was a Meyer 734 x Black Max cow, DJ Salute who was an Elisha x Buck cow, and DJ Salution who was a Warehouse x Meyer 734.

Things really changed for us with the Simmental breed with a few key conversations with Dale Werning. Dale and Miles attended SDSU at the same time and were on the livestock judging teams one year apart. Dale suggested that we should use Warehouse in our breeding program. That resulted in producing offspring including DJ Salution as well as several daughters that went on to win state and regional shows. We continue to use Simmental bulls that go back to Werning breeding as well as a few others. Some of the current bulls include, Lock N Load, Bullseye, High Regard, Secret Weapon, Renowned, Lock Down, United, SOS, Cash Flow, Innovator, One Eyed Jack, and Loaded Up.